Words From the Alumni Association President

Creating an Alumni Association for JRCA has been a dream of many at the school for years. I am honored that the school has given me the opportunity to be the school’s first Alumni Director, and I am excited to begin building an organization that will touch many lives and facilitate much good over the coming years.

During my years at JRCA, I grew immensely. I received a quality education, became stronger in my faith, developed as a leader, and made lasting friendships. I honestly believe that I would not be the person I am today absent my time at JRCA.

However, the JRCA experience should not be limited to just four years. Many of the friends I made in high school have stayed with me. I continue to learn valuable lessons from those friends as they continually grow closer to God. It is a joy to watch the maturing of my friends and myself as God works wonders in our lives.

It is my hope that these relationships and lessons learned can be multiplied exponentially and shared by all members of the JRCA family. This family extends all over the world. JRCA graduates are in the military, serving God in missionary work, in college, in the workforce, raising families, working in the church, and advancing God’s Kingdom. Collectively, we possess a wealth of knowledge, resources, and vibrant life experiences. As we share these with each other we all become better human beings and better servants of Jesus Christ.

Imagine a network that is so connected that when JRCA alumni move or go to college, they can contact local JRCA graduates to see where the best churches are, where the best neighborhoods are, and where the best restaurants and local attractions are. Imagine a network that is so connected that JRCA graduates who own businesses seek other JRCA alumni to hire. Imagine a network so connected that JRCA graduates who need money to support their missionary work or other endeavors find a willing financial base amongst other JRCA graduates. Imagine a network so connected that JRCA graduates can find and communicate with every other student who attended JRCA. Imagine a network so connected that prayer requests are posted online and within hours your closest friends are praying to God on your behalf.

This is the JRCA Alumni Association that I am imagining.

Many people complain that the only time they ever hear from their old school is when the school needs money.

The purpose of the JRCA Alumni Association is to rectify this age old problem. Of course, we hope that some of our alumni do decide to give to the school in a variety of ways, but that goal will always be secondary to the goal of fostering a sense of family amongst JRCA members.

With that being said, we do hope that you embrace the youngest members of your family. Giving to the school is not limited to the financial, as important as that is. It is my hope that those of you with the financial means do decide to make financial contributions to the school, but, more importantly, it is my hope that you freely give of whatever it is you possess. I hope that those of you who were athletes consider coming back during the summer to run a camp for the current students interested in sports. I hope that those of you who were in student council come back and teach the current student council important leadership lessons. I hope that those of you who have seen the work of God in their lives come back and speak in chapel. I hope that those of you who have an interest in music or photography come back and impart that knowledge in a club. I hope that those of you who have gone on to a career in the newspaper industry come back and assist with the school newspaper. I hope that dozens of you make the commitment to become a mentor for a current student; a student that you will befriend and give advice to throughout their years at JRCA. I hope that those of you with a career in marketing or fundraising volunteer your services to the school. I hope some of you come back and join the school board as positions become available. In short, I hope you get plugged back into the school in whatever capacity most fits your interests and capabilities.

The new JRCA Alumni Association is an organization that will facilitate all of this and so much more.

Please join me in making this new JRCA Alumni Association a glowing success!

In Christ,
Josh Scarff
Alumni Director
Class of 2006

Alumni Association Mission Statement

The JRCA Alumni Association serves to foster the development of relationships among JRCA students, both past and present. It serves to partner with the school on both present and future endeavors.

Alumni Association Vision Statement

The vision of the JRCA Alumni Association shall be to accelerate the continuing advancement of JRCA and its alumni by:

  1. Preserving and expand the presence and ideals of JRCA in the community
  2. Rendering continual assistance and support to JRCA in carrying out their mission of excellence in education and development of character
  3. Promoting the bond of loyalty and sense of family amongst graduates of JRCA, former staff, and current members of the school
  4. Providing mutual benefits for both the alumni and the school, including:
  1. Enhancing the communication between JRCA alumni
  2. Partnering in the organization of class reunions
  3. Facilitating the sharing of the many resources of the various alumni with each other
  4. Providing a venue for alumni to give back to the school, both financially and through service (time and talents), so that JRCA can grow in scope as it continually seeks to please God and advance a biblical curriculum of education
  1. Collecting class memorabilia and memories that create a richer, more meaningful JRCA history

Welcome Alumni

This Alumni section of our newly-designed web site is for you and about you . It offers an opportunity to get reacquainted with your alma mater, find out what exciting new things are happening here on campus, and to learn what your former JRCA friends are up to.

Here you can catch up on alumni news.  Check our Alumni Events Calendar for upcoming alumni events. Give back by contributing to James Run through our Annual Fund. And most of all, stay in touch by updating your contact information and keeping us posted on what’s new in your life!

We at JRCA are very proud of you as you move through college and into the working world, and begin to discover the plan God has in store for you. No matter where your paths may lead, you will always share a common thread as former JRCA students, and be a part of the fabric of our outstanding school.

We welcome your comments, questions and suggestions; just email:
[email protected] .

Volunteer Opportunities

Making our growing Alumni program a success requires the combined efforts of our alumni, alumni parents, and JRCA staff. We want this program to be what you want it to be, so we are asking for your assistance as volunteers in helping to plan and implement upcoming alumni events throughout the year.

How can you help? Glad you asked!

Alumni Activities

Some of our events were well-attended, others could have been better. What would you like to do as alums, and when? Thanksgiving? Christmas? Summertime? We need your input! Please email us with your suggestions at [email protected] . Then be sure to attend!

Alumni Visits

Our alumni are always welcome back with open arms, but please follow these simple guidelines when visiting the school:

If possible, call before visiting to ensure that the person you want to see is on campus and available. Call 410-877-1576.

Once on campus:

  • Park in the parking lot next to the administrative office (the white house)
  • Check in the office with the Receptionist
  • The receptionist will make sure that it is an appropriate time for you to stop by and see those staff, faculty members or students with whom you’d like to visit
  • Have a great time visiting friends

Alumni News

The alumni included below have emailed or stopped by school and informed us of current news about their lives. We would love to hear from all of you with your own updates. Simply email [email protected] at any time, or just stop by JRCA when you're in the area. We welcome your input!

Download our Alumni News.pdf

Alumni Announcements

Visit Us Often

We will be updating this site regularly.  Here you will find the latest news and information about Alumni Association events and activities as well as feature articles about our alumni. Make sure to stop by the site often, because over time it will be growing and expanding, providing an increasing level of value to you as an alumnus of the school.

Prayer Requests

If you have any prayer requests or praises that you would like to share with your JRCA family, please send them to Josh Scarff at [email protected] , and they will be posted on the site.


We are currently building an accurate alumni database. This database will be used to keep you informed of opportunities and events. We also require your information so we can send along newsletters that include exciting information about your fellow alumni. Please send your contact information to  Josh Scarff at [email protected] and encourage your friends to do likewise.