James Run Christian Academy Admissions

Applying to James Run

Thank you for your interest in James Run!  JRCA is an investment well worth your serious consideration and prayer.  We encourage you to call the office to schedule a campus visit so that you may see our students and teachers in action.

A campus visit is an integral part of this assessment as well as a wonderful opportunity for you and your family to become familiar with James Run's motivated students, caring faculty, and extensive opportunities. We welcome your visit to campus and look forward to helping you through this important process and time in your educational career.

Please contact the Admissions Office to arrange your campus visit or to ask any questions.

Terry Cieslak, Director of Admissions and Financial Aid
[email protected]

Our Criteria For Acceptance

Since James Run Christian Academy is a school with a distinctive mission, our criteria for acceptance reflect our desire for students coming here be able to receive the maximum benefit of our educational program.

To that end:

  1. Students applying to James Run Christian Academy must demonstrate that they are able to meet the demands of the educational program academically.  Since our only program at this time is college prep, students seeking to attend James Run should have demonstrated the ability to succeed academically, and if they have not done so in the past, should be able to state why they believe they will now be able to do so.  (Students failing more than one class a semester need to consider whether or not JRCA has a program at which they can succeed.)
  2. 2.  Students applying to James Run Christian Academy need to demonstrate that they will be able to function successfully in the social setting of a small school.  Our small size demands that students be able to relate successfully to a wide variety of students from various races, interests, and personalities.
  3. Students applying to James Run Christian Academy need to demonstrate their willingness to conform to traditional Judaic-Christian values and behavior.  There is no religious test for admission to James Run, but students attending can expect that the nature of the school is such that antagonism to Judaic-Christian values and behaviors are not conducive to success at James Run.  Students need to be familiar with the handbook, which spells out expected behaviors.
  4. No student will be accepted at James Run Christian Academy who does not freely, of his or her own initiative without the presence of the parents, state to the interview committee that he or she wants to come to James Run Christian Academy.  Each student is to complete a writing sample detailing why they want to come to James Run, and what they expect to be able to contribute.
  5. Families of James Run Christian Academy students are expected to be active in their participation in the school, whether in the Parent Teacher Fellowship, the social events of the school, or the fund-raising events of the school.  No student will be accepted without a signed parental statement, and the other required documentation necessary for admission.
  6. The decision of whether or not a particular student will be accepted at James Run Christian Academy rests solely in the hands of the school.  There may be other indications not mentioned above that the student and the school are not a good match, and the interview committee will be the group trusted to make that decision.   James Run Christian Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, or national origin.

When to Apply

Choosing the right high school is one of the most important decisions you will make for your child. At JRCA, we have a warm, friendly atmosphere where all programs, whether in the arts or academic areas, are college preparatory and Christ-centered. Our faculty exemplifies spiritual integrity and academic excellence to all students.

Applications are accepted on a year-round basis. Students whose registration is complete by February 15 will be given priority consideration for the admittance for the coming school year.

Step 1: Schedule a Visit

Visiting the James Run campus is the best thing you can do when deciding which high school is the right choice for your family. We invite you to experience first-hand the excellence of a Christ-centered school where we are "Challenging Students Today for a Different Tomorrow”.

JRCA Open House Expos

During our expos, James Run opens its doors to welcome interested families throughout our community to join us for an informal and relaxed experience of JRCA. Information tables on various programs, services and activities are available to give visitors a complete sense of what makes James Run unique.

Individualized Campus Visits

We encourage prospective families to visit James Run’s campus by scheduling a personal tour. During your campus visit, you will have the opportunity to meet students, faculty and staff as well tour our facilities and campus. This is a great way to answer your questions regarding financial aid, academics, student life and more.

The JRCA "Shadow" Program

Through our "shadow" program, prospective students can experience a typical day at JRCA by sitting in on classes as well as connecting with teachers and students. Friday visitors can participate in our weekly chapel service. Your student will be paired with a James Run student of similar grade level and interests. Each visiting student will leave our campus with a true sense of life at JRCA. Contact the admissions office for more information.

Summer Visits

Summer visitors are welcome for a campus tour and meetings with the admissions office during June and July. Please schedule a visit by contacting the admissions office.

Scheduling a Visit

Please contact the admissions office for more information or to schedule your visit:

Terry Cieslak, Director of Admissions and Financial Aid
[email protected]

Step 2: Pray

Pray for the Lord’s guidance in this decision for your family.

Step 3: Complete the Application

The application packet can be downloaded by clicking below or you can obtain a packet by contacting the admissions office at 410-877-1576
or by emailing [email protected] .

  • complete the application
  • submit application fee of $50 (non-refundable and non-transferable)
  • most recent high school transcript (if not obtainable through previous school)
  • most recent report card
  • most recent standardized test scores (if not obtainable through previous school)
  • copy of birth certificate
  • copy of immunization records (if not obtainable through previous school)
  • complete, sign and distribute recommendation forms to the applicant’s teacher and mentor
  • submit the above documents and the application fee to the JRCA admissions office

Download our James Run Christian Academy Student Application.pdf

Step 4: The Interview Process

After a completed application form, accompanied by the required application fee, has been received in the school office, a family interview will be scheduled.

This interview provides an excellent opportunity for the prospective family to learn more about James Run Christian Academy.  The Admissions Committee seeks to determine if the family and student(s) desire to attend JRCA as well as meet our requirements for admission.  The Admissions Committee will also seek to determine whether the student and family understands and agrees with the mission and purpose of James Run Christian Academy and clarify the school’s expectations.

Step 5: The Notification

Following the interview, the Admissions Committee will deliberate and then inform all applicants by letter or phone whether or not a student has been accepted for enrollment.  If accepted, the family will receive a letter of acceptance and an enrollment contract.

Step 6: Registration

The financial agreement must be signed and returned to the school with the registration and book fees.  All financial arrangements between the family and the school must be clearly understood before the admissions process is considered final. Families are strongly urged to attend the annual parent orientation meeting held at the beginning of the new school year.

Tuition & Fees

Our tuition is a solid investment that pays dividends for life.  Some education lasts a lifetime; ours is good for eternity.

Download our 2008-2009 JRCA Tuition & Fees.pdf

Financial Aid at JRCA

James Run Christian Academy is committed to providing a Christ-centered educational program of excellence, and to making that program accessible to all qualified families who desire it. We recognize that financing a Christian school education is a major commitment for families. Therefore, we allocate a significant amount of funds to our need-based financial aid program.


The following criteria must be met in order to be considered for financial assistance:

  • Financial assistance is available to both new and returning students.
  • The student billing account must not be in arrears (currently-enrolled students).
  • The student must be in good standing academically and behaviorally (currently-enrolled students).
  • New students must meet all admissions criteria and must have been accepted for enrollment.
  • No more than 50% of tuition will be awarded to any one student through the financial aid program.
  • Grantees must re-apply for financial aid each year.
  • An award of financial aid in one year does not imply that financial aid will be awarded in succeeding years, nor does it imply that the amount of aid granted will be the same in succeeding years.
  • Students receiving financial aid must maintain a 2.0 GPA, or the financial aid will be revoked for the remainder of the school year.

The completion of the financial aid application is not a binding agreement that any assistance is available or will be granted.


  • The admissions application or re-enrollment form must have been submitted, along with the enrollment/re-enrollment fee, prior to submitting an application for financial aid.
  • Request a packet of financial aid materials from the school office or download them below.
  • Families are to complete the Financial Aid packet. Only one form needs to be completed each year, even if you have several children at James Run.
  • All requested forms must be submitted, including income tax returns, W-2 forms, etc., before an application will be considered.
  • Financial aid applications must be submitted, along with all supporting documentation, no later than May 1st . After that date, there may be no funds available for financial aid.
  • The Financial Aid Committee will review all applications and determine if a financial aid award will be granted, and what amount the grant will be.
  • Letters confirming decisions on financial aid grants will be mailed to applicant families on May 30.
  • The financial aid acceptance letter must be signed and returned to the school by June 15, or the award may be revoked and the funds given to other students.
  • Acceptance for admission is required prior to any award notification.
  • For families who have unexpected needs arise after the May 1st deadline, the application may still be submitted. However, any awards will be dependent on the availability of funds in the financial aid budget.

The financial aid packet can be downloaded by clicking below
or you can obtain a packet by contacting the admissions office at 410-877-1576 or [email protected] .

Download our James Run Christian Academy Financial Aid Scholarships.pdf

Statement of Finances

Philosophy and Goals

In order to set an appropriate financial foundation for the long-term future of James Run, we desire to exhibit prudent stewardship as we strive towards tuition-based funding of 100% of the school’s operating expenses. Many private schools do not make this commitment, but rather continue to rely on fundraising to pay up to 25% of operating expenses each year.

We believe a dedicated administrator who has a thorough commitment to Christian education is essential for James Run’s future. The administrator is one of our vital representatives to the community, as well as the day-to-day hand that guides academic excellence at James Run.  We also desire to hire excellent teachers who are committed to Christian education and to pay them well. Our highly valued faculty and staff is the largest expense each year and one of the most important factors in the school’s future success.  We realize our school staff willingly serves at this time for less remuneration than they might make in the public workplace. In a very real sense, the JRCA faculty and staff are the school's largest donors.

This philosophy and these goals have helped to shape our tuition and fee structure.


James Run has been incorporated as a non-profit organization in the state of Maryland and has received 501(c)3 tax-exempt status from the IRS. All donations to James Run Christian Academy are tax-deductible as defined by the IRS. We sponsor a limited number of focused fundraising activities during the school year.